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Reasons to Contact Me
. 3 for 1 hours logged into your Logbook for up to 10 Lessons.
. Calm and Patient instruction Guaranteed.
. Take the Stress out of teaching family members
. Learn the correct techniques First, don’t start with bad habits.

At Aware Driver Training we have a very high pass rate. Our goal is to change peoples attitudes toward hazards on the road and towards other road users. To reduce the road toll and make all road users better drivers.

Drive to a Safer Future with Aware Driver Training. With structured lesson plans the aim is to explain and demonstrate each activity in such a way that the student has a better understanding of what’s involved. Then they are given time with repetition to gain confidence in the activity. When necessary, hand out sheets are provided to help with systems and procedures.

It’s not just about passing the test, it’s about skills for life. So once they have the skills to drive well we take them through things like, Emergency braking, what’s under the bonnet and water courses. Students are taken for night drives, in heavy rain and on country roads so they get a well rounded view of all sorts of hazards. Some students rarely have someone else to take them out, so they have multiple lessons to get their hours up. For these people we can do special deals to keep costs down.

Together with Emergency Department Safety Consultants, I have developed an Emergency Response Booklet. It covers things such as, Important details to collect when involved in a collision, How to deal with flood waters, and How to change a tyre.

To receive your Free Emergency Response Booklet, simply enter your details in the Side bar, and it will be sent out to you and received within 5 days.

I Guarantee that you won’t be disappointed . If not received in 5 days, you will also get a Free Supervisors Checklist. This will help you get the most out of each trip.